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Situated within walking distance from the sea,the Sanya Jingli lai Resort (Sanya Jinglilai Dujia Jiudian) is only a 5-minute drive from downtown Sanya and a 10-minute from the popular Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot.Covering a total of 20,000 square meters, this Sanya resort consists of a main building and 13 villas.[View Detail]        

住客评论 579条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • martin_li
    The rooms on the first floor, health is not so good, everything else was good, two minutes to the beach
  • DITD2010
    Equipment a bit old
  • bonydavid
    Terrible, the so-called Villa Coconut Grove, is beside the 15-story building, no leak, corridors too narrow for northern plain jammed, noisy, late opening will affect the rest of the person, WiFi doesn't use, bathroom Windows are sealed, breakfast awful cry ... ...
  • dannyfay
    Hardware facilities, beautiful environment, overall.
  • e04950699
    A penny a point goods, hotel old
  • jeremy1977
    Old dirty old won't stay in hotel room! stayed only for one night! Only one advantage from the sea!
  • gretawang
    Villa did give free upgrades, give praise, of course!
  • felicia1031
  • neillai
    In the Sanya Bay, on the edge, convenient to the beach, hotel yard is very large, there are two swimming pools, Nice. room amenities.
  • winnie_sun
    Very good, environment good, is a little old, other
  • mydbsad
    It's OK
  • cdw2926242
    Hotel and room environment, high cost performance, recommend
  • redmango
    The hotel is on a solid three. This hotel had a rest last year 2014. Breakfasts have become worse (and we didn't go because there is nothing, except Toast with jam). The running around any local street teens very feared for their personal belongings. On the beach a couple left leakov. But there are also advantages are good and clean swimming pool, badminton court. Rooms are cleaned every day.
  • Coffee-boy
    Front desk very friendly, is surrounding nothing to eat
  • baibai Cubs
    Had a standard room, reaching the shop said they had not been, but for the suite, expensive 100. breakfast is very bad, and indifferent. room humidity is very heavy, I do not know how long people stay, even more serious in the lobby to meet the rat, House Geckos and cockroaches! check out in the morning was more than 15 minutes is not recommended!
  • e00744677
    Xiao Liu are very satisfied with the front desk we also applied to raising the room service was very good in room facilities
  • alita0413
    Is good and cheap!
  • fengyingxia1
    Nice, opposite the sea, next to the seafood tastes good, the suite can also be more comfortable,
  • jxf630902
    Second Lai, and free upgrades, Yes, praise
  • faceway
    Location, but near the dinner is not an issue. advantages of Sanya Bay is quiet and morning swimming is convenient rarely. the facilities in the room is very good, but the service needs to be improved, check-in and check the running a bit low. overall is still recommended, but personally, I think it is not in the back of Golden Phoenix seaview.
  • Feng Feng
    Airport taxi to hotel 16 Yuan money around, luggage less also can sat bus, traffic is convenient, door is bus station. Hotel away from beach is near, had road is. hotel in Beach has dedicated of Chair, also sent people keep with, so without fear lost things, assured to feel sea's. Hotel Green is good. this I select this hotel is fancy it of environment, quiet, quiet of hotel, quiet of beach. If just to Sanya quietly of relax feel sea words, thisHotel location is very good. staff rarely, it can be said not much service, but for me, so undisturbed vacation is just what I need. the hotel has 2 swimming pools. room where there are no clothes, that I will stay here for a week is a challenge.
  • jane0808
    Environment is very good.
  • lyman007
    Services, hotel, bad environment, rain shower was bad.
  • ccc19388
    Such a large hotel, it is not an air conditioning. in-room air conditioning Super cold, ordered 5 room, everyone was too hot to Holla! hotel there is no network, super convenient!
  • e00217274
    Very poor
  • bas82032
    Garden view, Coconut Grove villas boast a room was poor.
  • peyicn
    Edible and cheap
  • davidlimww
    Began set has 5 days, Manager directly to upgrade sets room has, but staying of when waiter no told, I misunderstanding into and I set of not as find a more cheap of let we live, but later Sales Manager personally to we explained has, service good! breakfast buffet also can! Hotel hardware facilities does kind of old has (sheets, table what), bath of hot is comfortable! hotel Road opposite is sea
  • e00119123
    Because zhiqian live of hotel Middle has Conference was Chang has, temporarily live has two days, ahead of to see has House, also see has online of evaluation, to staying of when directly to upgrade has, service is good of, location or, out is bus station, opposite is Sanya Bay of sea, also has specifically of beach chair is somewhat less, room really of is old, sheets Shang also has yellow points, pool has disinfectant of taste, water also not clean, and breakfast really of really of is bad eat, double bed hasHard, if the pursuit of convenience can stay, there is Villa House, if pursuit of the accommodation facilities, you can find anywhere else!
  • PoonYiuWa
    Hotel location big environment is good, out 100 meters is coconut dream Gallery, is good of beach, sand is fine, travel convenient, door on has 8 road 25 road 26 road, direct scenic, Hotel Green is Rod, pool water some cool, breakfast also line, just varieties less some, West o of carats Terminal seafood self bad, Chengdu beauty boss open of-Banyan Xia-is has grade. Sanya the scenic afternoon return is upset, taxi price! bus people more no seat
  • tianfangyu
    Hotel is a little bit old, pool is good
  • awenpingan
    Hotel compared old, compared clutter, service attitude good, is wants to find a people sent points things had room are to, is long, hotel is big, but management seems to is poor! hotel has restaurant, have for, things also can, with outside of than, hotel restaurant of things delicious many! but, room sheets is dirty, room within of health also not good! somewhat compared dark of feel.
  • jenny2699
    Hotel is a little old, but OK. on January 1 ordered into the same evening, staying in the hotel lobby the next single only waited for about 1 hour.
  • lisa67
    200 block of hotel is very good, was late to Sanya, Xie Yalong Bay in a single night, whenever hungry in the evening I go downstairs to the barbecue ...
  • Aeolus11
    Fair to middling
  • luella629
    Second stay, near the beach, the surrounding environment good, room no.
  • amanda040191
    Because of traffic environment in selected restaurants, equipment aging, in desperate need of repair, you won't choose this hotel again
  • mydecember019
    Staff are OK, but the outdated facilities, bath water hot or cold, can be washed in the morning, from the street is too close, too noisy
  • catjaja18
    Friends liked this hotel every time I come. give praise!
  • dini854
    Hotel is very large, with swimming pool, very quiet, close to beach, just across a street.
  • lei9829
  • e03535354
    Is really quite opposite the nice value is less Sanya Bay Beach are clean, breakfast is good
  • Patsy1412
    Service is very good, a very good environment, eating good, room with so-so
  • jane881013
    Benefits of the old hotel he has. garden architecture, diverse vegetation, coconut, areca nut tree bears fruit, rooms spacious and good health, bed very comfortable, family loved it.
  • cong42
    Is already a second stay at, after a two-day stay also lasted for two days.
  • Cecilia00
    Just like that
  • carolin
    No Wifi, some unacceptable, maximum advantage from the sea near the beach, all the way across.
  • c57481298
    Is too old no WiFi
  • liuting_xx
    Staff are OK, but the outdated facilities, bath water hot or cold, can be washed in the morning, from the street is too close, too noisy
  • leron
    Care away from Sanya Bay near the hotel, around a lot of places to eat seafood, but more expensive, said duplexes, in fact, Villa suite